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Vinil Virtual - Daniela Mercury

Titel : Vinil Virtual

Artiest(en) : Daniela Mercury

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 12-2015

Label : Biscoito

€ 18,90


Bahian-born singer Daniela Mercury is criminally unknown in the United States. She’s had more #1 hits in Brazil than any other female artist. Globally she’s sold over 20 million albums. Daniela Mercury is a superstar, a true international icon.
Her latest album, Virtual Vinyl, continues her upward trajectory from her start as a dancer through her long career as a solo artist. The album is a fusion of styles that, despite having only one song in English, her whimsical, idealized view of life, “Frogs in the Sky,” is very accessible to most listeners.
It hints at her roots in Salvador de Bahia, the musical capital of Brazil, and the grand Trios Eléctricos—giant rolling party machines, which are central to Carnival celebrations in the city. But it also reaches into the modern era with electronic, rock, and reggae touches.
One cut, “Antropofágicos São Paulistanos,” rocks out with buzzing electric guitar and a vocal that hints at high energy rapping. In the middle of the song, she exclaims in English, “To be or not to be.”
1. A Rainha Do Axe? (Rainha Ma?)
2. Maria Casaria
3. Ame?rica Do Amor
4. Alegria E Lamento
5. To? Samba Da Vida
6. Sem Argumento
7. Frogs In The Sky
8. De Deus, De Alah, De Gilberto Gil (with Gilberto Gil)
9. Extranhos Terrestres (Aperto De Mente)
10. Antropofa?gicos Sa?o Paulistanos
11. O Riso De Deus
12. Vinil Virtual (Aperto De Mente 2)
13. Tre?s Vozes
14. Minha Ma?e, Minha Pa?tria
15. Senhora Do Terreiro (Ma?e Carmem)