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Viaje - Ricardo Arjona

Titel : Viaje

Artiest(en) : Ricardo Arjona

Genre : Latin Pop

Medium : CD

Jaar : 04-2015

Label : Sony

€ 16,90


Voor de liefhebbers van latin-pop en ballads is dit een aanrader van deze singer-songwriter uit Guatemala, z`n 14e studio album, The album received a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Singer-Songwriter Album
Willfully losing yourself while on the road is a common and effective way of dealing with the onset of depression, and while that`s just what Guatemalan singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona did after the death of his mother, the resulting album Viaje is much more sweet than sour. After "Lo Poco Que Tengo" opens the album as a multiculti ray of sunshine (Arjona`s Guatemalan pop meeting the easy California sway of the `70s), ballads like "Cavernicolas" (wistful) and "Apnea" (heartbreaking) bring on the heavier emotions, although there`s always some hope packed into these moving songs. Little touches from outside genres reflect the album`s theme of travel, and being issued on the singer`s own Metamorfosis label makes it feel all the more intimate. Consider this small and sure effort one of the artist`s most personal albums and approach with an open heart, and maybe a box of tissues.
1. "Lo Poco Que Tengo" (3:53)
2. "Cavernicolas" (4:49)
3. "Nube de luz" (3:03)
4. "Apnea" (4:06)
5. "Viaje" (3:57)
6. "Soldado raso" (3:39)
7. "Vives para morir" (3:28)
8. "Tu fantasma" (3:56)
9. "A la luna en bicicleta" (3:31)
10. "Piel pecado" (4:00)
11. "Invertebrado" (5:04)
12. "Tu boca" ( 3:16)
13. "Pedigri" (3:53)
14. "Cisnes" (4:45)