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Tropicoso (LP) - Jungle Fire

Titel : Tropicoso (LP)

Artiest(en) : Jungle Fire

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2014

Label : Nacional

€ 25,90


Very nice 70`s inspired Afro-Latin-Funk + Modern Soul from Los Angeles (2014 release)
Afro-latin-funksters from L.A. Jungle Fire are finally putting out their first album, `Tropicoso`, on Nacional Records. Starting with 3 of their killer singles sides, Comencemos (Let`s Start), their irresistible latin-funk spin on a Fela Kuti tune, Tokuta, a fantastic afro-latin burner full of amazing breaks, and Firewalker, an unstoppable piece of afro-disco. At that point you already know this album is gonna be a scorcher! Then come the new tunes… Tropicoso and `Culebro` are pure deep latin-soul, the kind you play on repeat, the kind you can put in so many playlists, those are instant classics. The dancefloor disco-funk beat of `Village Hustle` which follows should finish to convert anyone still having doubts on whether to buy this album on vinyl or not. After the beautiful afro-cumbia funk-jazz travels of `Chalupa`, already released on 45, comes `Snake Pit`, a marvelous piece of Jamaican soul with a cinematographic Californian vibe. The LP then concludes with `Los Feligreses`, a cover of Cuban pianist Luis Santi on some uptempo heavy afrofunk latin b-boy bizness tip! 9 smashing tunes, 2 interludes, no filler, and mostly highly explosive, with a front cover photo of palm leaves taken by B+, founder of Mochilla in Stephen Marley`s backyard. Buy two copies!
Side A:
1. Rompecuero (Intro) (1:02)
2. Comencemos (Let`s Start) (2:32)
3. Tokuta (3:00)
4. Firewalker (3:53)
5. Tropicoso (3:18)
6. Culebro (3:54)
Side B:
1. La Mano (interlude) (0:45
2. Village Hustle (4:00)
3. Chalupa (4:43)
4. Snake Pit (4:06)
5. Los Feligreses (3:54)

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