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Sus 50 Mejores Canciones - Ketama

Titel : Sus 50 Mejores Canciones

Artiest(en) : Ketama

Genre : Flamenco

Medium : CD-Box

Jaar : 2009

Label : Universal

€ 19,90


KETAMA - Sus 50 Mejores Canciones (3-CD) 3 slimcases in cardboard slipcase
Ketama has always shaken things up with the addition of other musical genres to their conception of flamenco; they create quite a world music flamenco stew. Jazz plays a significant part of their sound, as does electronic sounds. The result is very interesting. There are the occasional ballads that are very popish; love songs with slighlty upbeat pop rhythms. This is not their strong point but I`m sure their big fans love this part of their repertoire. "Alguna Vez" is one such song and comes complete with extra horns and chorus in pop big production style. These Spanish gypsies do not forget their roots but rather expand the horizons of the genre; they were doing it before it became popular, they were at the forefront as this disc captures the last twenty years. The lead vocalist Antonio Carmona and his brother Jose Miguel pen most of the music that has no borders. The Middle Eastern sound brought to International audiences by such groups as Rumba Argelinais evident on certain tracks, certainly on "Estatua de Sal." There is a live track,"Vente Pa Madrid` that features a duet between Antonio and his cousin Antonio Flores who has a gruff-smoked-too-many-cigs-between-late-night-wine-voice taht makes for a good counterpoint to Antonio`s pleasant voice. A curious elemnt of their music is the addition of instruments usually not assocaited with pure flamenco. The use of the mandolin is something that thet explot with favorable results. There is something for everyone on this collection of songs from the pioneers of nuevo flamenco. Recommended for nuevo flamenco aficionados.
1. Kalikeño
2. Vengo De Borrachera
3. Puchero Light
4. Y Es Ke Me Han Kambiao Los Tiempos
5. Shivarita
6. Leyenda Viva
7. Presenti
8. Ke Me Dehe
9. De La Isla A Las Antillas
10. Todo Tiene Su Tiempo
11. Mala
12. El Oasis De Los Dioses
13. Kautivo De La Noche
14. Loko
15. Pirata
16. Momento Makanda
17. Estary Kieta Niña
1. Demasiado Corazón
2. A Mi Kumi
3. Tu Pelo Negro
4. Perla Y Rubí
5. Espíritu Kani
6. Roca Y Cristal
7. Konfusión
8. Pionono
9. Creo
10. Esencia
11. Envidia
12. Tú Volverás
13. Estatua De Sal
14. Huella De Una Diosa
15. Pokito A Poko
16. Karta Kanción
17. Para Vivir
1. Vente Pa Madrid
2. Tan Lejos
3. Labios De Koral
4. Miénteme
5. Problema
6. Pozo Del Deseo
7. Se Dejaba Llevar Por Tí
8. Viviré
9. Ya Se Marchó
10. Mi Manantial
11. Pasará
12. Suave
13. Del Mal Al Bien
14. El Realejo
15. Pa Gente Con Alma
16. Machukita