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Yo Soy - Yuri Buenaventura

Titel : Yo Soy

Artiest(en) : Yuri Buenaventura

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Universal

€ 9,90


Yuri`s 2e magnifieke album uit 2000.
Second album from the Colombian salsero who has chosen Paris as homeport since 1998 affirms his status as an exciting international artist. Buenaventura sings with the passion of a possessed sonero. His bolero/salsa cover of "Ne Me Quitte Pas" of Jacques Brel made this Colombian a very popular debut in France where he sells very well. Includes collaborations with Puerto Rican musicians Luis Marin (piano) Raphy Torres (trombone) Charlie Sierra (timbal and bongo) among others and also invited Papo Lucca on two tracks, Cachete Maldonado on two others with choruses by Charlie Aponte, Wichi Camacho and Jerry Rivas.
1. Salsa
2. Los Ojos de la Noche
3. Banano de Uraba
4. Yo Soy
5. Mala Vida
6. La Vida No Vale Nada
7. La Chanson des Jumelles
8. Estan Quemando La Cana
9. Salsa Rai
10. Tiito
11. Tu Cancion
12. Madre
13. Cantares
14. Manos Latinas
Lots of diversity on this disc. Besides salsa this disc also contains Latin Jazz and Bolero/Danzon Son. There is even one song with a mixture of Salsa and Arabic Raï, which worked out very well. Also contains a song with African rythm as a tribute to African music being the mother of Latin music and all western modern music for that matter apart from Techno. Lyrics range from love to the social situation in Colombia -the artist is Colombian- to the poets of a Latin-American poet.
This disc contains songs which are very good for dancing Salsa but also for listening. Every review is subjective by nature but this is a disc that you won`t regret buying. I didn`t regret it -in fact I consider this disc as the best Salsa disc in my collection