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Yesterday Today & Tomorrow - New Swing Sextet

Titel : Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

Artiest(en) : New Swing Sextet

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : NSS

Dit artikel is helaas uitverkocht.

2013 Album van New Swing Sextet met nieuwe leadzanger Don Sonero, die we nog kennen als een van de (twee) zangers op de eerste twee Excelencia CD`s. Don Sonero (echte naam: Gilberto Velazquez) bracht vorig jaar overigens nog een alleraardigst solo album uit, ("LA Verdadera Escena"). 
NSSextet`s nieuwe album is het vervolg op het in 2008 uitgebrachte "Back On The Streets" (Taste of Spanish Harlem vol.2) en bracht deze groep weer helemaal terug in de belangstelling na hun jaren 60+70 periode op Fania-Tico label. Erg lekkere salsa met vibrafoon in een super swingende, soulvolle NY salsa produktie.
1. La Bien Paga (5:33)
2. Me Dicen (No Puedo Mas) (4:36)
3. Maybe Then (5:06)
4. Trabajador Social (4:25)
5. The Windmills Of Your Mind (6:06)
6. Boogaloo Madness (A Tribute To The Boogaloo Era) (5:28)
7. A La Loma De Belen (4:48)
8. Vete Pa Ya (7:19)
9. El Rajao (3:11)
10. Revolucionando (4:47)
11. Somos El New Swing (7:31)
The New Swing produced four LP’s that are collectors items today and while they were not the only sextet of the time period, they were a strong band that included great musicians…George Rodríguez, on vibes and English lyrics, wrote all the songs on the 1967 debut “The Explosive New Swing Sextet” for the Cotique label. Another key member of that sextet was pianist Aurelio ‘Yeyo’ Salgado who did many of the arrangements…along with vocalist Pete Ortíz, bassist Luis Quiñones, conguero Angel Rivera and Eddie Muñíz who played timbales and bongos were band members as powerful as any other sextet of that era.
In 1968, they released “A Taste of Spanish Harlem”, and followed with the 1969 release of “Swinging Along”, and finally, the 1970 “Revolucionando”.
Another aspect that made this sextet unique in the late 60’s was the ‘Revue’ aspect consisting of three young ladies that you can hear on some of the recordings from that time period.
Three decades and a half later, in 2008, George gets together with the latest version of NSS featuring vocalist Angel Justiniano on congas alongside his brother Harry Justiniano on bass and chorus, Jose ‘Cheo’ Medina as lead vocalist, Joseph Mannozzi Jr. on piano, multitalented Tomas Martin Lopez on timbales, bongos and chorus sharing duties with Hector Ortiz on timbales and bongos to record “Back On The Streets” spawning Fania’s comeback onto the current music industry.
But due to the lack of marketing strategy, the sextet`s release became a disappointment altogether. Unfortunately as it may be a failure for the record label itself, novetheless a fruitful sextet getting nominated for the Grammy’s. Definitely a great beginning for the band, DJ Henry Knowles has been very busy booking the band throughout the world where their music has been legendary amongst collectors and fans.
Nowadays in 2013, with the new CD release, “Yesterday, Today &Tomorrow”, the New Swing Sextet is poised to launch another worldwide tour delighting fans with such a powerful recording that without any doubt to naturally become an international sensation charting the top hits list for the rest of the year. Songs like “El Rajao”, “Revolucionando” , “Vete Pa Ya”, “La Bien Paga”, “Maybe Then” (with the superb vocal work by Angel Justiniano), “Trabajador Social”, “Somos El New Swing”, “Windmills of Your Mind” and the “Boogaloo Madness” medley.
The band`s musicians include Angel, Conal, Harry, George, Hector, and Jimmy Figueroa on timbales and vocals. And finally, the new youthful and sensational vocalist of none other than Don Sonero, Gilberto Velasquez -- ex-La Excelencia member, -- whom proved to be one of the key elements that will help introduce NSS to a younger generation.