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Y Seguimos - Mulenze

Titel : Y Seguimos

Artiest(en) : Mulenze

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 12-2015

Label : MGK

€ 17,90


Swinging, sophisticated salsa uit Puerto Rico o.l.v. bassist/producer Edwin Morales met 2 trompeten, 2 trombones, rhythm section + 2 vocalisten (Rafy Andino & Alex Lopez). Mulenze bestaat al ruim 30 jaar.
1. No Me Pongas A Escoger (4:44)
2. Ya No Puede Ser (4:58)
3. Nos Hizo Falta Tiempo (4:57)
4. Tu Pausa (5:05)
5. Desesperado (4,10)
6. Son A Lo Mulenz (4,54)
7. Medley Mulenze 2 (7,25)
8. El Saco de Santa Claus (4,09)

From the beginning of their incarnation (as a backup band in the mid 70s for Héctor Lavoe, Celia Cruz and others; a starting point for Cano Estremera and Pedro Brull), Mulenze has been a sophisticated, hard-hitting salsa band. And their new release, Y Seguimos, continues in the same pattern.
The CD has a mixture of old and new tunes. The first single, "Desesperado", from pop balladeer Ricardo Montaner, has a steady mid-tempo swing. Armando Manzanero`s "Nos hizo falta tiempo" is salsa romántica without being boring. Leader Edwin "Mulenze" Morales shows off his bass skills on the Tite Curet Alonso cut, "Ya no puede ser". Please put some headphones on while you listen to this song, the bass is intoxicating!
Of the new songs, "Son a lo Mulenze" is perhaps the best song on this recording. Written and performed by Domingo Quiñones (Mulenze`s own Rafy Andino is on co-lead) this son has attitude, melody, rhythm and is full of guapería Boricua style.
On their 35th anniversary, Orquesta Mulenze shows they have aged well, just like a bottle of fine wine. (review by Salsapower)