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Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra - Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra

Titel : Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra

Artiest(en) : Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : WSO

€ 9,99


het WILLIAMSBURG SALSA ORCHESTRA uit Brooklyn, NY, o.l.v. Gianni Mano (ex-latin funk band Radio Mundial) is een SALSA band met een originele invalshoek: zij spelen covers van indie-rock bands in salsa met zowel Engels als Spaanstalige teksten, gezongen door Solange (Argentina) met lekkere, vette trombones, piano en percussie. Erg lekker...2011 release.
The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra is an 11-piece group playing big Latin arrangements of indie tunes form groups like Arcade Fire, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeas, LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, TV On The Radio, Peter Bjorn and John, Japanther, and many more. With the attitude of a rock band, and the grooves of classic New York salsa, the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra is introducing salsa to a new audience and resetting the boundaries of the art form.
1. Black Albino Bones (6:30)
2. Young Folks (7:32)
3. Keep The Car Running (5:31)
4. I Turn My Camera On (5:57)
5. L.E.S. Artistes (6:24)
6. Ambling Alp (6:09)
7. Pleasure Town (6:41)
. Cheated Hearts (6:08)
9. Wolf LIke Me (5:26)
10. Someone Great (6:03)