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Volviendo A Las Raices - Orquesta Miramar

Titel : Volviendo A Las Raices

Artiest(en) : Orquesta Miramar

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : Afinque

€ 19,90


Orquesta Miramar is de nieuwe (2003) salsa groep van de voormalige bandleider van Conjunto Clasico, Ramon Rodriguez met het album "Volviendo a las Raices" met goede zang en coros.
1. La Miramar
2. La Piquina
3. Sientate
4. Como Te Quedo El Ojo
5. La Mala Racha
6. El Bobo
7. Que No Se Vaya
8. No Puedo Prometer Nada
9. Ella
10. Tengo Que Llegarle
Orquesta Miramar`s debut album, La Musica de Ramón Rodriguez, Volviendo a Las Raices is nothing short of Grammy material. An exquisite piece of work from start to finish. This project promises to motivate you to get up and dance and never leave the dance floor. Orquesta Miramar Volviendo a Las Raices delivers an album with everything that is required to create a # 1 cd along with simply great and original material, superb musical arrangements, melodically sweet coros and tons of swing, one track after the next, over and over again. Orquesta Miramar accomplishes the task of delivering a piece of salsa perfection on this, their very first attempt.
The title of Orquesta Miramar`s debut album is more than merely a name for the cd, it is an acknowledgement of gratitude and honor, worthy of being trumpeted, boldly and with much sentiment. Reading the liner notes, one simply cannot escape from being drawn into this heartfelt and passionate story of how Orquesta Miramar came to be. It is the affirmation that "if you can believe it, you can achieve it". Yes Alfredo, dreams truly can come true, no matter what age one is! "Querer es Poder". Take time to read the liner notes and if you don`t understand Spanish, have someone read them to you. Worth the time to do so.
This is one album that will not disappoint any salsa enthusiast and should owned by every salsa club Dj, and/or salsa radio host. Don`t leave home without it because you`ll definitely want to be playing this over and over again. (review SalsaForum)