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United We Swing - Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Titel : United We Swing

Artiest(en) : Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Six Degrees

€ 19,90


Spanish Harlem Orchestra - United We Swing is het derde album uit 2007 van SHO.
One would think it not easy to follow on the success of their previous album, Across 110th Street, which won the Grammy for Best Salsa Album in 2004. With their third album, United We Swing, they have not only matched but surpassed expectations. En El Tiempo Del Palladium plays tribute to the golden age of Latin dance institutions through a son montuno.
The 13 member band teases you to sit still while listening to the cd, especially track 4, Se Formo la Rumba, which builds to what can only be described as an aural orgasm. One can only imagine their sound live, the way classic salsa should be heard. Nine of the 13 tracks are original compositions shouting out East Harlem and its musical legacy which the Spanish Harlem Orchestra keeps alive and fresh.
Another way to pay tribute to salsa dura that ruled the dance floors of 60`s and 70`s is to cover some tunes from them like Ahora Si, a hit from the age of the Fania All Stars.
Because Spanish Harlem was and always be a cultural center for and by Puerto Ricans , and now a growing mix of other Latinos, Spanish Harlem Orchestra gives a big ole Wepa! Via the Plena con Sabor. As a special surprise treat, the last track, Late in the Evening/Tarde en la Noche feature the musical legend, Paul Simon.
Pianist Oscar Hernandez leads the group, and vocals are by Willie Torres, Ray De La Paz, and Marco Bermudez -- plus Paul Simon on one guest track.
1. SHO Intro
2. Llego la Orquesta
3. En el Tiempo del Palladium
4. Se Formo la Rumba
5. Sacala Bailar
6. Ahora Si
7. Que Bonito
8. Salsa Pa`l Bailador
9. Mujer Divina
10. Soy Candela
11. Plena con Sabor
12. Danzon for My Father
13. Late in the Evening/Tarde en la Noche