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Un Tipo Común - Tito Nieves

Titel : Un Tipo Común

Artiest(en) : Tito Nieves

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1996

Label : RMM

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This is Tito Nieves at his most romantic; yet, he retains his flavorful, highly traditional style that has made his repertoire quite fun and danceable. It is hard to outshine his early RMM efforts, but this should be listened to on its own terms; the title tune (by composer Omar Alfanno) is a standout. Alternately recorded with New York and Puerto Rico-based musicians. 1996 release.
1. No Me Queda Mas
2. Un Tipo Comun
3. Te lo Pido Por Favor
4. Imperdonable
5. Voy a Hacerte Feliz
6. Que Me Hiciste Tu
7. No Me Vuelvo a Enamorar
8. Mi Primer Amor