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Un Congo Me Dia La Letra - Grupo Caribe

Titel : Un Congo Me Dia La Letra

Artiest(en) : Grupo Caribe

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : Walboomers

€ 5,00


Heavy salsa uit New York met zangers Frankie Vazquez, Herman Olivera in een geweldige SALSA-dura produktie uit 2003 van Grupo Caribe.
Veel materiaal voor de dansvloer, een heavy blazers-sectie en geweldige arrangementen (o.a. van Oscar Hernandez/Spanish Harlem). Voor de liefhebbers van Libre, Jimmy Bosch, Frankie Vazquez`Soneros del Barrio en Spanish Harlem Orquesta.
1. Linda Palomar (5:42)
2. A Tite Curet (4:33)
3. Un Congo Me Dio La Letra (5:34)
4. Nague (5:43)
5. Senior Slick (6:11)
6. Cambiare (5:16)
7. Desilucion (3:33)
8. Yo No Se Nada (4:27)
9. Rumba Internacional (4:46)
10. Sobre Una Tumba Una Rumba (4:45)
11. Luisa (4:33)
(januari 2003)
Grupo Caribe`s third CD "Un Congo Me Dio La Letra" includes 11 tracks of which five are original compositions and six are Salsa classics with a new millennium dressing. It also features, as special guest on this CD, three of the most popular singers in NY City today; Herman Olivera, Frankie Vazquez and Frankie Figueroa. The personnel in the band are all veteran musicians and have performed with the best Latin bands in the business including; Tito Puente, Machito, Larry Harlow, Eddie Palmieri, Mongo Santamaria, and Willie Colon. Sergio Rivera Director, Pianist, composer and arranger has performed with Raphael Cortijo, Kako Y Sus Estrellas, Orestes Vilato Y Los Kimbos and The Orlando Marin Orchestra. Grupo Caribe has appeared on the Food Network Emeril Live Show, the Rosa Diamante Show, the International Salsa Museum Show, and Latin Jazz Alive and Kickin on CableVision`s Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Luisito Ayala is Grupo Caribe`s steady lead vocalist. Herman Olivera and Frankie Vasquez, and Frankie Figueroa who sang the CD "Un Congo Me Dio La Letra" can also be contracted as an added attraction to the band.