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Todo A Su Tiempo - Marc Anthony

Titel : Todo A Su Tiempo

Artiest(en) : Marc Anthony

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1995

Label : Universal

€ 9,90


"Todo A Su Tiempo" is Marc Anthony`s tweede salsa album uit 1995, wederom met producer Sergio George op het RMM label.
This man is truly one of the greatest salseros of today. He mixes his own funky, fresh flavor with traditional salsa coros and beautiful orchestration, due in no small part to Sergio George, one of the greatest Latin music producers today.
This album starts off on a high and energetic note with "Se Me Sigue Olvidando." with piano intro! It only gets better from there. Some of his most well-loved salsa tunes are front and center on this CD. They include "Te Conozco Bien," "Nadie Como Ella," and "Te Amare." There is also an achingly beautiful ballad in "Hasta Ayer."
1. Se Me Sigue Olvidando
2. Te Conozco Bien
3. Hasta Ayer
4. Nadie Como Ella
5. Te Amare
6. Llegaste A Mi
7. Y Sigues Siendo Tu
8. Por Amar Se Da Todo
9. Vieja Mesa