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Tocando el Cielo Con Las Manos - Grupo Niche

Titel : Tocando el Cielo Con Las Manos

Artiest(en) : Grupo Niche

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Entity

€ 19,90


Dit is 2013 (tribute) album aan de vorig jaar overleden oprichter/bandleider/songschrijver Jairo Varela (1949-2012) en is een van hun beste in tijden.
This is what Niche should be about. Fantastic arrangements throughout. Polyphony of all brass (3 trombones and three - sometimes two - trumpets) is outstanding.
1. Estoy Tocando el Cielo Con las Manos
2. Ya No Hables
3. El Hijo
4. Cuatro Estrellas un Sol
5. Estoy Tocando el Cielo Con las Manos (version Jairo Varela)
6. La Novia
7. Eres Tu
8. Robando Sueños
9. Seduccion
10. Un Dia Despues
11. Como Arrancarte una Sonrisa
12. Aprieta
13. Colombia Mi Seleccion
The album must have been made shortly after Jairo`s death, because it`s pretty obvious it`s partially a tribute to this genius who had helped found Niche and who was its composer and lyricist for three decades: at some point in each song, the singer says "solo hay un Grupo Niche, de Jairo Varela." The album is also Niche`s asserting the fact that they are going to continue on as a great group with their own style, equally awesome as before. And they certainly prove it here. The album is a diverse collection of songs: about half are upbeat, the other half are more serious in nature. There is la repuesta de Ana Mile in the song called "El Hijo". There is a tragic sad song about the woman who is to be married but in tears (La Novia). There is an optimistic and life-affirming song about a person whose world has not "crumbled" because of someone leaving them (Un Dia Despues) - they have done their bit of mourning and have gotten over it. An excellent album lyrically, poetically, and musically only pure Salsa, including a bit of Cuban Timba in the song `Aprieta`