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Te Voy A Contar - Tromboranga

Titel : Te Voy A Contar

Artiest(en) : Tromboranga

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 03-2019

€ 19,90


Tromboranga - Te Voy A Contar, 2019 CD from TROMBORANGA. Op voorraad, 29-03-2019.
Van Europa`s beste salsa groep Tromboranga uit Barcelona.
1. Te Perdono (feat. Jimmy Bosch) (6:40)
2. La Negra Casilda (6:22)
3. Un Extraterrestre (6:52)
4. La Moda (5:53)
5. Sal de la Cueva (3:58)
6. Cuando Yo No Esté (6:03)
7. Chachachá Chatuchak (4:26)
8. Te Lo Dije (4:39)
9. Huracán No Me Tumbas (feat. Ismael Miranda) (6:00)
Joaquin Arteaga and the Tromboranga Orchestra are back with their ninth (Bloque included) album “Te Voy A Contar” which I’ve listened to several times while writing this review and I can’t get enough of it. It has a great deal of swing and with the following invited legends who add some definite saoko to the mix such as Ismael Miranda who sings “Huracan No Me Tumbas” which was recorded in Puerto Rico and dedicated to the Island. Also master trombone player Jimmy Bosch rocks a solo on the track “Te Perdono” and Multi Grammy winner from the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Oscar Hernanadez added some of his magic and arranged a latin Jazz mambo for the tune “Sal De la Cueva”.
Of course vocalists Freddy Ramos and Diego Coppinger are back and are lead singers on eight of the nine songs on this production. I have to give cudos to Joaguin for the excellent songs he wrote on this album and also to the arrangements by Rafa Madagascar, Vladimir Peña, Lorenzo Barriendos and Oscar Hernandez.