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Tamayo - Tamayo

Titel : Tamayo

Artiest(en) : Tamayo

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Mvd

€ 15,00


Jean Paul Tamayo was born to Colombian parents in Paris and after singing in different salsa bands since 2002 (Grupo Mango, Alfredo Cutufla, La Nueva Edicion), Tamayo formed his own band in 2011.
At summer 2011 he moved to Barcelona to record his debut album with trumpet player and musical director Oscar Cordero. On "Sigue Caminando", it features Tito Allen, the singer of Conjunto Clasico, Tipica 73, Tito Puente, Louie Ramirez and Ray Barretto. The 10 songs arranged and influenced by traditional salsa from the 70`s Fania era; a strong, modern and elegant "salsa dura", proper for dancers and salsa lovers.
1. Ritmoy Sabor
2. Nadia Mori
3. Tu No Eres Competencia
4. Sigue Caminando
5. Amores Tristes
6. Recordar Viene Bien
7. La Mulata
8. Cuentame
9. Puerto Rico
10. La Musica
Personnel: Jean Paul Tamayo (vocals); Oscar Cordero (trumpet); Domingo Pagliuca, Pablo Santaella (trombone); Irving Manuel, Edson Martinez (piano); Johnny Gomez (congas, bongos, guiro, maracas); Rhumer Mora (congas).