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SonBy4 (Mujer Frente A La Cruz) - Son By Four

Titel : SonBy4 (Mujer Frente A La Cruz)

Artiest(en) : Son By Four

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 05-2015

€ 16,90


The award winning native Puerto Rican band, Son By Four, has spread a strong spiritual message of faith and hope through their music over the past 10 years. SONBY4 is their brand new album that contains 11 tracks that possess their very own unique musical style. Salsa + pop cristiana
1. Tu Eres La Verdad
2. Que Baje La Nube
3. Wake Up
4. Cruz De Amor
5. Mujer Frente A La Cruz
6. Grande
7. Nadie Es Mas Que Nadie
8. Te Voy A Amar (Ballad Version)
9. Se Hablara De Su Amor
10. Dios Es Bueno
11. Te Voy A Amar (Salsa Version)