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Senor Tambo - Eddie Montalvo

Titel : Senor Tambo

Artiest(en) : Eddie Montalvo

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 03-2020

Label : Sr Marcha Records

€ 17,90


2020-2021 salsa CD Señor Tambó from conguero EDDIE MONTALVO.
With arrangments by Pedro Bermudez, Chino Nunez, Carlos Torres
1. Tributo a Rubén Blades (feat. Gaitanes) (5:21)
2. Señor Tambó (feat. Luisito Carrión) (4:43)
3. El Guapo (feat. Angel Rios) (5:00)
4. El Changó de Maria (feat. Héctor "Tempo" Alomar) (5:42)
5. Sigue en Raices (feat. Kayvan Vega) (5:05)
6. De los Mejores (feat. Victor Garcia) (5:35)
7. El Negro Encarnación (feat. Marcial Istúriz) (5:18)
8. Cemento y Arena (feat. Héctor "Pichie" Pérez) (5:31)
9. Pide Lo Que Tu Quieras (feat. Joseph González) (5:01)
10. Haz Tu Parte (feat. Anthony Almonte) (5:09)
“Señor Tambó” follows on the foot steps of Eddie’s previous recording as bandleader, “Desde Nueva York a Puerto Rico” (2012). That album earned him a 2013 Grammy nomination with a concept of bringing a to the studio some of the best talent in New York and in Puerto Rico.
With that same concept for “Señor Tambó“, Eddie Montalvo brings Pedro Perez on bass, Pedro Bermudez on piano, Ray Colon on bongo, Sergio “Chino” Ramos on timbal, the amazing trio of Jan Duclerc, David “Piro” Rodriguez, and Julito Alvarado on trumpets, Eliut Cintron, Jorge Diaz, and Fania All Stars alumni Reynaldo Jorge on trombones, Sammy Velez on the baritone sax, and Jeremy Montalvo on maracas.
The chorus is first class, with specialists Hector “Pichie” Perez, Henry Santiago, and Darvel Garcia.
Like in the previous album, “Señor Tambó” uses invited singers for each song. These include Luisito Carrion, Hector “Pichie” Perez (ex-La Poncena), Marcial Isturiz, Victor Garcia (pa’s que bailes comoquiera), Hector “Tempo” Alomar (ex-Conjunto Libre, Apollo Sound), Kayvan Vega, Angel Rios, Anthony Almonte (main singer in Little Johnny’s new album), Joseph Gonzalez, and Gaitanes (brothers Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan).