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Salsa De La Bahia vol. 1 - various

Titel : Salsa De La Bahia vol. 1

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Salsa

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Patois

€ 19,90


Salsa De La Bahia Vol. 1: A Collection Of Sf Bay Area Salsa And Latin Jazz. Verzamel dubbel CD met latin artiesten uit San Francisco en omgeving.
Salsa de la Bahia is a compilation of recordings by San Francisco bands, most of them recent and originally released on indie labels and little heard outside the Bay area.
1. Canto, Clave y Candela - Estrellas de la Bahia (7:31)
2. Tranquilisate - Benny Velarde y Su Supercombo (5:36)
3. Virgen de la Caridad - Anthony Blea Y Su Charanga (5:26)
4. A Bailar con Avance - Avance (4:39)
5. Lou`s Afro-Cuban Blues - Louie Romero Y Su Grupo Mazacote (6:58)
6. Soy Matancero - Orquesta la Moderna Tradición (7:30)
7. Mira a Elena - Vision Latina (3:26)
8. Yo Vine a Bailar la Salsa - Edgardo y Su Candela (4:45)
9. Dormido - Jesús Díaz y Su QBA (4:17)
10. Velero Sin Timon - John Calloway (4:28)
11. Ponme a Gozar - John Santos Sextet (4:43)
1. El Espiritu Del Mambo - Estrellas de la Bahia (6:04)
2. Toca Vilato - Orestes Vilató (5:04)
3. Jardinero - Jesús Díaz y Su QBA (5:25)
4. Madre Rumba Padre Son - Edgardo y Su Candela (6:49)
5. Café Con Leche - John Santos And The Machete Ensemble (5:49)
6. Montuno pa la Flauta - John Calloway (6:46)
7. Yolanda Pachanga - Benny Velarde y Su Supercombo (6:23)
8. En el Tiempo de la Colonia - Orquesta la Moderna Tradición (6:58)
9. La Loca - Avance (4:55)
10. Tumba Randy - Anthony Blea Y Su Charanga (7:37)
11. Rumba para Paul - Estrellas de la Bahia (4:08)

A Two-CD Companion Piece to the Upcoming Documentary Film The Last Mambo, Featuring Latin Music Giants Orestes Vilató, John Santos, Jesus Diaz, John Calloway, and Benny VelardeRather than dwelling on the reasons why the San Francisco Bay Area’s longtime role as a creative hothouse for Latin jazz and salsa has been overlooked and undervalued for half a century, trombonist/arranger Wayne Wallace and filmmaker Rita Hargraves decided to let the music speak for itself. Scheduled for release on Wallace’s Patois label on August 13, Salsa De La Bahía is a two-CD companion piece to Hargraves’ celebratory documentary The Last Mambo, which traces the evolution of the Bay Area’s Latin music scene from Cal Tjader, Benny Velarde, and the Escovedo Brothers to present day masters such as John Santos, Jesus Diaz, and Anthony Blea.

More than a historical survey of the singular sounds that have emerged from the Bay Area, the album opens and closes with three thrilling pieces recorded especially for the project by Estrellas De La Bahia, an all-star orchestra encompassing many of the scene’s key players. The package includes extensive liner notes by Jesse “Chuy” Varela, who has incisively chronicled the Bay Area scene for more than three decades as a journalist (JazzTimes, Latin Beat, The San Francisco Chronicle) and DJ and music director for KCSM.