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Salsa Con Soul - Alex Wilson

Titel : Salsa Con Soul

Artiest(en) : Alex Wilson

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : AlexWilson

€ 9,99


Alex Wilson - Salsa Con Soul (2008)
Vette, groovende funky latin-soul Salsa van de Engelse pianist, composer, bandleider Alex Wilson. Salsa Con Soul gaat verder waar z`n vorige album Inglaterra ophield, met zijn mixture van gospel, R&B, SALSA en wat moderne latin-jazz fusion invloeden. Op dit gebied is er momenteel (2008) niets beters...!
Alex Wilson`s new album has it all - hard driving salsa, funky Latin Soul, and modern fusions of Latin with gospel, R&B, Brazilian, and contemporary jazz flavors - plus great vocals (in Spanish and English) from multitalented guests and sizzling piano courtesy of the master, Alex Wilson. The two stomping Colombian themed salsa dura scorchers will blow you away; there is also a very tight and tasty instrumental salsa number that is perfect for dance lessons. No stranger to trying something new, in the past Alex collaborated with Jamaican and African musicians, as well as Cubans and South Americans, jazz players and a reggaeton artist. He has also created intriguing fusions of Nuyorican style salsa with Indian music (specifically bhangra), and worked with some hot young urban r&b producers to bring in electronic beats and diva vocals. This time around he tweaks the collaborations in favor more of gospel, and it`s an interesting mix, perhaps not one that you might have though of yourself – and that`s why we have the gifted Mr. Wilson! If you don`t know this African/British composer yet, this is a good place to start. Somehow, it all makes sense under Alex`s spirited, capable leadership, and though you will want to dance to the infectious uptempo numbers, you`ll also want to listen deep to the mellower grooves, because this salsa has soul!
Very highly recommended (review by Descarga)
Salsa con Soul is the latest destination for Alex Wilson on his circumnavigation of world rhythms and beats. Inglaterra, Wilson`s 5th album, was his first to feature the fire water of Salsa Dura neat, with tracks like Show Me and a salsafied version of Chaka Khan`s "Ain`t Nobody" appearing on 10 compilations and burning up dance floors in salsa clubs across the UK. Again, Wilson`s own R&B Latino - title track from the eponymous album - created a cocktail of Cuban rhythms and R&B that blows away all the cobwebs on the dance floor.
Now, the voyage continues to a new destination and a new album, Salsa con Soul. The UK`s top Latin/jazz pianist and band leaders of one of Britain`s most popular salsa crews introduces a new flava and groove - salsa con soul con Gospel plus a new line featuring soul divas Aquilla Fearon and Naomi Phillips plus Elpidio Caicedo.
1. You`re Fine
2. Sabroson
3. Rhythm & Life
4. Antonio
5. Mi Buenaventura
6. Stronger
7. This Time
8. Let`s Stay Together
9. Memories
10. Rio De Janeiro Blues