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Rumbon Navideno - various

Titel : Rumbon Navideno

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Fania

€ 19,90


Rumbón Navideno is een heel leuke, gevarieerde PuertoRicaanse salsa kerst CD, met nummers van het Fania label, door o.a. Hector Lavoe, Willie Colón, Richie Ray, Ismael Rivera, a rhumba Christmas 70`s style recording, wildly celebratory and soulful, rhythmically sophisticated, upbeat, and full of wonderful chanted vocals as well as solos. Salsa is perhaps the most rhythmically addictive music in the Western world. However, this set raw, filled with a very specific kind of folksy energy that later productions couldn`t touch there is a graininess in the voice of Santitos Colón on "Noche de Paz" that makes the tune nearly seductive in its power. The acoustic six- and 12-string guitars on any number of these cuts -- such as Willie Colón`s "Recomendación" and Impacto Crea`s "Vamonos de Fiesta" -- are dizzying and sultry despite the celebratory nature of the music. This is a fine volume on its own, an unbeatable, steamy yet worthy addition to any holiday music library.
1. Canto A Borinquen - Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
2. Yo Me Tomo El Ron - Chuito El De Bayamon
3. Mi Tia Maria - Ismael Rivera
4. Eliminacion De Feos - Ramito
5. En La Navidad - Hector Lavoe/Yomo Toro/Daniel Santos
6. Vamonos De Fiesta - Impacto Crea
7. Aguinaldo Antilano - Sonora Poncena
8. Noche De Paz - Santitos Colon
9. La Murga - Willie Colon
10. Bembe En Casa De Pinki - Richie Ray/Bobby Cruz
11. Me La Gozo Entera - Cheo Feliciano
12. La Campana Del Lechon - Cortijo Y Su Bonche
13. El Cantar De Un Borincano - Impacto Crea
14. Recomedacion - Willie Colon/Hector Lavoe
15. Bomba De Navidad - Ismael Rivera
16. Una Plena En Navidad - Mon Rivera