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Rumberos a Montón - Nils Fischer & Timbazo

Titel : Rumberos a Montón

Artiest(en) : Nils Fischer & Timbazo

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2015

Label : Timbazo

€ 12,90


Rumberos a Montón" is the successor of the acclaimed debut album ¡Gracias Joe Cuba!. The new CD – recorded with an incredible all-star cast – is for the dancers, and it will make the listeners dance too! 34 musicians contributed to the international recording sessions in 9 different cities all around the globe. Arrangements by Alain Pérez, Marc Bischoff, Jan Hartong & Iván ‘Melon’ Lewis. Mastered by legendary engineer Bob Katz in Orlando, US. Special guests: Lucrecia, Changuito, Calixto Oviedo, Alexander Abreu, Carlos del Puerto, Julito Padrón & many others.

Timbazo has done it again with this exuberant, all-star celebration. Rumberos a Montón is a joyful testament to the power of Cuban rumba, expertly arranged and fiercely performed with plenty of corazón. This album might be Nils Fischer’s best to date, combining the high-intensity of timba and ‘salsa dura’ with Timbazo-style originals and the lyricism of some of Cuba’s classic compositions. And talk about a killer a line-up!
Nils Fischer is one of the top percussionists in Europe, touring and recording constantly with an array of projects and he had the honor to play with many of Latin music’s legends. Some time ago Nils felt that time had come for a project of his own as well. Now he could pursue his musical
The working band Timbazo performed at festivals like North Sea Jazz Festival and many other major venues. The bandmembers hail from from Colombia, Cuba, Holland, US, Germany, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Curaçao .
tracklist CD:
1. Rumberos a Montón (feat. Fabian Nodarse, Changuito, Alexander Abreu)
2. Timbazo Llegó (feat. Nando Vanin)
3. Maferefún Yemayá (feat. Alberto Caicedo, Carlos del Puerto, Calixto Oviedo, Julito Padrón)
4. Flores para tu Altar (feat. Lucrecia, Alexander Abreu) dedicated to Eddie Palmieri
5. Emboba (feat. Fabian Nodarse, Alberto Caicedo, Nando Vanin, Amaury Perez, Changuito)
6. Palo pa` Changuito (feat. Lucrecia, Alexander Abreu)
7. Sabor a Bombón (feat. Nando Vanin, Bart Platteau, Julito Padrón)
8. What`s going on (feat. Alberto Caicedo, Amik Guerra & Calixto Oviedo)
9. Voy a barrer Contigo (feat. Fabian Nodarse)
10. La media Vuelta (feat. Alberto Caicedo, Julito Padrón)
11. Algo Así (feat. Calixto Oviedo, Jan Hartong, Ed Verhoeff)
Bonus track
12. What`s going on (feat. Shirma Rouse, English version)
Radio edits
13. Timbazo Llegó (radio edit)
14. Maferefún Yemayá (radio edit)
15. Voy a barrer Contigo (radio edit)

Nils Fischer (Dld) – congas
Fabian Nodarse “Huracán” (Cuba) – zang
Alberto Caicedo (Col) – zang
Nando Vanin (Col) – zang
Marc Bischoff (Dld) – piano
Samuel Ruiz (Ven) – basgitaar
Armando Vidal (Cuba) – drums, timbales
Wigbert Martina (Cur) – bongos
Frans Cornelissen (NL) – trombone
David Rothschild (US) – trombone
Joe Rivera (P.R.) – trompet
Alex Rodriguez (Cuba) – trompet