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Rumba Para Viena - Clave Sonera

Titel : Rumba Para Viena

Artiest(en) : Clave Sonera

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2010

Label : Walboomers

€ 5,00


Lekkere salsa op de CD "Rumba para Viena" van Clave Sonera o.l.v. de Duits-Oostenrijkse pianist Günther Brück met een Nederlands tintje door de bijdragen van de hier verblijvende vocalisten Nando Vanin en Beatriz Aguiar.

Cross cultural meeting, led by the German pianist Gunther Bruck, who can bring a band together, that`s for sure. Recorded mostly in Brooklyn, the album features some heavyweights from Venezuela, including the brothers Quintero, Luisito and Robert, along with Nelson Gonzalez on tres, and the Colombian/Austrian bassist Juan Garcia-Herreros. The music`s really flexible, dropping into timba breaks, then moving into salsa; it`s made by masters, and you can tell. There`s so much rhythmic ingenuity; and Bruck, quietly, behind the proceedings drops in some modern harmony on piano. This is all really fresh and new sounding; it`s not quite a descarga, nor is it totally a dance project - though Bruck can throw down a tumbao - it`s just great music, and a total surprise. Highly Recommended. (review by Descarga)
1. Llegarás 4:58
2. Rumba Para Viena 4:31
3. Te Queda Poco 5:06
4. Añoranza 5:38
5. Morenita 5:23
6. Dulce Habanera 4:43
7. Un Amor Asi 4:59
8. Te Quedarás 3:37
9. Baila Tamborera 4:02
Gunther Brück - Piano, keyboards
Guillermo Epinosa - Vocals
Nando Vanin - Vocals
Willy Torres - Vocals
Beatriz Aguiar - Vocals
Raul Agraz - Trumpets
Pablo Santaella - Trombones
Maximilian Schweiger - Baritono sax
Nelson Gonzalez - Tres
Juan Garcia-Herreros - Bass
Roberto Quintero - Congas, bongos, maracas, güiro, shekere, clave, tambora, carrasca
Luisito Quintero - Timbales
Manny Mieles - Coro
Hector "Maximo" Rodriguez - Coro
Willie Martinez - Coro