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Rough Guide to Salsa (2-CD) - various

Titel : Rough Guide to Salsa (2-CD)

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Salsa, Verzamel

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : World Music Network

€ 7,90


Rough Guide to Salsa + Introducing Bio Ritmo (2-CD, 2012 release)
Mooie salsa verzamel (total playing time 61:13 minutes) met iets minder voor de hand liggende tracks dan op eerdere delen uit deze Rough Guide serie. Zo is er gekozen voor Niche`s 1984 eerste versie van "La Negra No Quiere" (canta Moncho Santana) in plaats van de iets commeriële uitvoering uit jaren 90. En zoals, bij veel van de recente Rough Guides zit ook bij dit deel een complete bonus CD (meer dan 75 minutes speelduur) "Introducing Bio Ritmo", van de aan weg timmerende, beetje alternatieve (zeker qua looks), salsa groep uit het mid westen van de U.S, Bio Ritmo.
The compiler of Rough Guide to Salsa (3rd Edition), Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead has his finger firmly on the salsa pulse, and has jam-packed the track list with tunes ranging from the simple and slow to the super-hot and complicated. The line-up includes a range of styles flowing from `message` music to more mainstream sounds and party styles meant for letting loose or expressing romantic emotions. The overarching vibe is salsa dura (hard salsa) with traditional roots in the sounds of Latin New York, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia.
Some call Bio Ritmo salsa s best-kept secret, but that is changing. Though still not on everyone s radar, during their fifteen-year history they have been busy releasing critically acclaimed music and cultivating a solid fanbase. This collection includes the band s first release, El Piraguero/Asia Minor, an exclusive previously unreleased live track and their 2012 single, "La Muralla."
1. La Negra No Quiere - Grupo Niche (5:58)
2. Vigilandote - Roberto Roena (5:04)
3. La Vuelta - Joe Arroyo (5:15)
4. La Verdad - Bio Ritmo (6:39)
5. Iyánlá - La Excelencia (4:28)
6. Lindas Africanas - Africando (7:38)
7. Yo A Ti Tu A Mi - La Sonora Poncena (4:17)
8. Un Regalo Especial - Jesus Pagan (4:19)
9. Ella No Está En Ná - Jose Alberto `El Canario` (4:14)
10. La Voz Del Pueblo - Choco Orta (4:04)
11. No Hay Chance - Rubén Blades (3:57)
12. Gimme Some - Grupo Fantasma (4:54)
DISC 2: Introducing Bio Ritmo
1. La Verdad (7:56)
2. La Muralla (5:50)
3. Lola`s Dilemma (8:44)
4. Muchacho (8:58)
5. Sombras (6:19)
6. Lisandra (7:32)
7. Tu No Sabes (8:24)
8. Madrugador (8:43)
9. La Hamaca (6:03)
10. El Monte (6:17)
11. Asia Minor (5:46)
12. El Piraguero (5:51)
13. Señor Locutor (8:29)
The Rough Guide to Salsa focuses on the burning grooves of New York, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and beyond. The dozen cuts on disc one of this special reissue edition are enough to fuel a dance party. That said, the high quality of the musicianship displayed on much of the material here offers even the most casual listener the opportunity for something approaching awe. For dancers, it`s a treasure chest of pure pleasure. Cartagena`s Joe Arroyo offers a killer tropical salsa here in "Vuelta." José "El Canario" Alberto`s "Ella No Está en Ná" is Puerto Rican hard salsa at its best, with big punchy horns acting in rhythmic counterpoint to the claves and layers of drummers. Veteran salsero Roberto Roena offers a deep son with "Vigilandote." The Afro-Cuban connection (by way of New York and Senegal) is explored by the four-part harmonies of Africando on "Lindas Africanos." Choco Orta`s gorgeous Puerto Rican tropical on "La Voz del Pueblo," reflects the direct influence Tito Puente`s small groups. On "Gimme Some," Austin`s Grupo Fantasma brings the funk Latin-style. The track derives direct inspiration from Mongo Santamaria, Santana, James Brown, and Ray Barretto`s Latin jazz grooves but is pure 21st century. Included as a bonus disc is La Verdad, the sixth album by Richmond, Virginia`s Bio Ritmo. The band melds classic forms -- cha-cha, tropical, Afro-Cuban son, Nuyorican salsa -- to wah-wah and fuzz guitars, rubbery electric basslines, and Brazilian cuíca on these tracks. La Verdad may use the musical foundation Bio Ritmo have built over the last decade as a base, but their assemblage and exploration of rhythms, arrangements, harmonies, and melodies result in their most forward-thinking, fully realized recording: they point to new frontiers for salsa as the century moves on. There is plenty of bang for the buck here: a smoking sampler of world salsa, and the best single disc by one of North America`s finest practicing salsa groups at a low price.