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Romantico Y Rumbero - Jose Alberto

Titel : Romantico Y Rumbero

Artiest(en) : Jose Alberto

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : LosCanarios

€ 17,90


Romantico Y Rumbero is El Canario`s brand new 9 track 2014 collection that is a masterful blend of romantic and hardcore Salsa and features (in the coro) the suave voice of the famous Salsa croon, Gilberto Santa Rosa. Also included is Lennon/McCartney`s "And I Love Her" in a new salsa arrangement called "Mi Gran Amor Le Di", which Canario recorded earlier for RMM`s Tropical Tribute to Beatles album in the 90`s.
Production and musical arrangements by Ricky Gonzales, Isidro Infante and Ramon Sanchez.
1. El Mulato Rumbero
2. No Puedo Estar Sin Ella
3. Las Mujeres Son
4. Peligroso Amor
5. Mi Gran Amor Le Di
6. Vengo Con Tí
7. Si Pero No
8. Tu Mirada
9. Bailando (Dancando)