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Retrato Musical - Fernando Lavoy

Titel : Retrato Musical

Artiest(en) : Fernando Lavoy

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2001

Label : SAR

€ 17,90


This is an excellent and economical product for those of you who are fans of Fernando Lavoy`s 2 albums for SAR, not only because it contains his 2 FULL LP`s with 12 songs ranging from 6-7 Mins, but also because it comes with a very good remastered sound quality, superior to the one from his 2 same separate Cd`s which were both re-issued in 1994.
Now, if we have to compare the two albums, the 1st one (SAR SLP-1019 LOS SONEROS... CANTA FERNANDO LAVOY from 1981) in a Cuban Son-Montuno style, as usual with SAR, is a lovely, pretty and very musical album with tasteful arrangements, where he stretches his vocals much higher than on the 2nd album. Songs like El Timbero Mayór (my personal favourite from this 1st LP) and El Mensajero (which overshadows Justo Betancourt`s 1968 version from his debut album El Explosívo) give this 1st album a certain variety.
The 2nd album (SAR SLP-1032 FERNANDO LAVOY Y LOS SONEROS from 1982), which is a bit less consistent, but more varied, has few more songs that swing more like the opener No Voy A Dormír (which is definitely one of the high points of this Cd) containing excellent trumpet solos from Juan Gonzalez and a typical Cuban style of bongo solo from Juaníto Méndez (the only SAR house musician to be featured in this band).
1. No Voy a Dormir
2. Guaguanco Pa`L Mundo
3. Cojelo Suave
4. El Timbero Mayor
5. Mi Son Sandunguero
6. Pegaditos
7. Juana la Sin Goma
8. Refrescate la Memoria
9. Arrolle Bailando
10. El Mensajero
11. No Vuelvo Contigo
12. Mulata, Se Que Te Gusta