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Retrato Musical - Henry Fiol

Titel : Retrato Musical

Artiest(en) : Henry Fiol

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2001

Label : SAR

€ 17,90


Must-have collection CD, released and properly remastered in 2001 contains all 6 songs fron the full Henry Fiol `Fé, Esperánza Y Carídad` album from 1980, which is definitely one of the best SAR Son-Montuno albums ever! This whole CD is so good because it`s so lively, intense and powerful, and the band was in a particularly good day.
The chorus is also big as it contains (on the 1st two LP`s) the great Eladio Peguéro "Yayo El Indio", the great Cuban singer/chorist Roberto Torres, (who is also the producer, as well as playing a few hand percussions) and Ramón Rodríguez also on chorus.
The mighty great Cuban Alfredo Armenteros `Chocolate` is also featured on trumpet doing amazing solos, as ever...
The great Cuban Montuno/Charanga pianist Alfredo Valdés Jr. is also featured on piano, direction, and few arrangements and the great `Tresero de Borinquen` Charlie Rodríguez on Tres-Guitar doing `out of this world` Tres solos (also on the 1st two LP`s!). Overwhelming!
The other thing is that you have to take this Cd in a relaxed manner as the songs are SO long, ranging from 6-10 Minutes (which is typical of SAR!)
You also get a great trumpet brass section with Leonel Sánchez as 2nd trumpet, and possibly Roberto Rodríguez (from early Ray Barretto) as well...
In total, you get 79:05 Mins of music out of this Cd! And the sound quality is very good, compared to the sometimes not so good sound on the original CD`s.
1. Ahora me da pena (6:43)
2. Mala Suerte (6:42)
3. La Juma De Ayer (7:48)
4. Ya me siento Cheverón (5:12)
5. Oriente (9:53)
6. Tiene Sabor (5:51)
7. El guateque de Ciprián (6:57)
8. Más y más (4:24)
9. Ven y baila mi son (9:11)
10. Trecero de manigua (5:26)
11. Tu me pusiste en La China (4:43)
12. Caridad (6:09)
All 6 songs from: SAR SLP-1012 HENRY FIOL `FÉ, ESPERANZA Y CARIDAD (1980).
3 from the 6 songs from: SAR SLP-1026 HENRY FIOL `EL SECRETO` (1981).
3 from the 8 songs from: SAR SLP-1033 HENRY FIOL `LA LEY DE LA JUNGLA` (1982)