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R&B Latino - Alex Wilson

Titel : R&B Latino

Artiest(en) : Alex Wilson

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2002

Label : Candid

€ 15,00


Alex Wilson - R&B Latino, 2002 release.
Alex Wilson won a newcomer prize at last year`s BBC Jazz Awards and continues to progress in his career at an impressive rate. R&B Latino positions him even closer to the mainstream, with the opening track, "Tell Me How It Feels", being indistinguishable from the type of female-led R&B one usually hears these days on Top of the Pops. The vocals are supplied by Maryanne Morgan, Mary Pearce, Noel Mckoy and Lauren Dalrymple, the last-named having been on Wilson`s previous album. Wilson is not pretending for a moment that this is a jazz record, so it would be unfair to look for jazz in it. A parallel could be found in the old R&B funk of Tom Browne in the late 70s, although Browne tended to come up with melodies rather than ubiquitous vocal shapes. The rhythmic mix is powerful and drives on the top line successfully. The record would sound good on a dance floor and is probably already blaring out at a club near you. Contrary to the usual advice, you could try this at home. 2002
1. Tell Me How It Feels
2. If You`re Out There
3. R&B Latino
4. Use Me
5. Another Star
6. Walk With Me
7. Freedom In The Frame
8. No Sense
9. Over You
10. A Guarachar Con Alex