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Recordando A Cuba - Cubanoson

Titel : Recordando A Cuba

Artiest(en) : Cubanoson

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Cubanoson

€ 17,90


Bandleider Papo Ortega presenteert zijn Son/Salsa Band CUBANOSON, afkomstig uit NY, USA, met nieuwe en oude sones, montuno`s en guajiras uit Cuba. In de beste traditie van het klassieke salsa-son repertoire van het SAR label (en soms ook Africando) is dit een prachtige, tijdloze old-school salsa CD met echte instrumenten, helder opgenomen (Tres, piano, trompetten...) een prachtige, warme SALSA cd.
An unexpected, all embracing, son-salsa release in the style of the best classic SAR recordings. In fact, most of the arrangements here are done by Manolo Albo, one of the originators (Along with Roberto Torres and Sergio Bofil) of the SAR dynasty. The brainchild of pianist-singer Leonel "Papo" Ortega, Cubanoson sports deep rich tres driven grooves (Junior Rivera) fronted by seasoned singers who know what they`re doing: Ernest "Chico" Alvarez, another SAR star, and the legendary Ronnie Baro (Africando, SonSublime, Broadway, Barretto etc.) who here revives the classic "Monsieur Jose".
Cubanoson has all the elements of the best old school dance material, and is earmarked to become a classic. With percussionist Luisito Quintero. bassist Willie Cintron, trumpeter and musical director Roberto Rodríguez and others who help to make this one a very special acquisition.
New York`s Cuban dance orchestra, Cubanoson unites the "Punto Cubano" and the "Son Montuno".
Monsieur Jose is a great tune with a new arrangement in which added some French lyrics and coros, and singer Ronnie Baro who added his unmistakable voice and French verbiage to introduce this song.
The CD includes new arrangements of Lagrimas Negras, composed by Miguel Matamoros, Que Mala Suerte, by Arsenio Rodriguez, and Mujeres de Mayari composed by Francisco Repilado known as Compay Segundo to the music world.
The last 4 songs are all original compositions. Son Bailadores, composed by singer and friend, Mario J. Ortiz, music by Papo, resulted in the creation of an old-style guaguanco. Two other songs, Guajiro Soy, a guajira, and the title track Recordando a Cuba, that tribute the 6 original Cuban provinces, were co-written by me and my uncle Sergio Sori. Lastly, Son Cubanoson is a son montuno written by me to introduce the Cubanoson orchestra to the world.
1. Cubanoson
2. Monsieur Jose
3. Recordando a Cuba
4. En La Campiña
5. No Te Preocupes
6. Que Mala Suerte
7. Guajiro Soy
8. Son Bailadores
9. Mujeres De Mayari
10. Lagrimas Negras