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Positivo - Grupo Magnetico

Titel : Positivo

Artiest(en) : Grupo Magnetico

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 10-2018

Label : Athens Of the North

€ 15,90


Salsa uit de UK, Schotland om precies te zijn, o.l.v. Toby Sippey (ex Salsa Celtica) van Grupo Magnetico met hun album "Positivo", release 2018.
1. Vulcano v El Gato (medley) (4:31)
2. Papa Was A Rolling Stone (2:53)
3. Papa Fue (4:06)
4. Te Lo Digo Yo (3:24)
5. Vampiras (4:24)
6. Hermanos Latinos (3:48)
7. Bailalo Y Muevelo (4:09)
8. The Sun From Above (4:56)
9. Enciéndelo (5:03)
10. Somos Latinos (4:44)
Hard-hitting salsa group Grupo Magnético formed from backgrounds in funk, hip-hop, punk and soul, united by a love of Eddie Palmieri,Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Fania and classic New York salsa. Working with musicians from Cuba, Venezuela and America (who had played and recorded with many of the names who`d originally inspired the group), the circle was complete as the album was mixed in New York by Grammy winning latin producer Aaron Levinson.
Downtown Edinburgh, Scotland. In a hot and sweaty basement bar below a Chinese restaurant, an unlikely band of musicians are playing hard-hitting salsa to an ecstatic crowd.