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Pilon - Los Hacheros

Titel : Pilon

Artiest(en) : Los Hacheros

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Chulo

€ 19,90


Moderne charanga/salsa/son met een originele invalshoek uit New York door het veel belovende Los Hacheros op hun debuut album "Pilon.". Ook op vinyl LP leverbaar. A lot of stuff that goes back to old tunes and concepts, but the instrumentation is not any kind of standard salsa line-up. With a single trombone, single violin, it`s almost a little like a mini sized Los Van Van. But the biggest difference from normal salsa is the replacement of the piano by an electric guitar.
So you have this Timba melodic element where they even cover Azucar by Los Van Van, this old school percussion, and the electric guitar. The electric guitar gives the songs a Senegalese like sound.
The songs have variety, they do salsa, boleros, guajiras with no filler material. I recommend this one for the hard core salseros that are not affraid to push their boundaries. You won`t be dissapointed.
What a gem! Los Hacheros have really impressed me with this debut album. With song selections ranging from old Arsenio Rodriguez classics though Los Van Van all the way to originals by the band members, this group swings hard with a cool retro sound. They manage to be jazzy and innovative with instrumentation and arrangement while still keeping a traditional Cuban flavor and groove. Highly recommended!
1. Azucar
2. Desastre
3. Chano
4. Papote`s Guajira
5. Convergencia
6. Toma Tu Pilon
7. Tintorera
8. Mami Me Gusto
9. Cha-Cha Herzlia