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Papillon - Frankaly Lavoe

Titel : Papillon

Artiest(en) : Frankaly Lavoe

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 07-2015

€ 7,99


Frankaly Lavoe (Francesco Esposito) is een Italiaanse DJ uit Napels en met hulp van wat muzikanten heeft hij een alleraardigste CD gemaakt met Son montuno, Guaguanco, Latin Jazz, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Boogaloo. ..met zijn Mambo Jazz Orchestra o.l.v. Jay Schiavo probeert hij een beetje succes van La Maxima 79 te benaderen.
  Since 2013, thanks to his first unreleased track, called “Full mambo”, an instrumental track presented with success at Bologna’s SALSA VIVE, he collected as so much success as, himself, being transmitted on a French broadcast, was contacted by the Bordeaux Salsa Festival organizer; a Salsa congress very lucky for Lavoe, thanks also to the meeting with an international DJ producer like Ricardo Da Forza, already known in France. So, just for the friendship and the great professionalism shared between the two artists, after few months Lavoe decided to dedicate to him a new track of his productions; so, “Ricky’s mambo” was born; this production opened to Frankaly Lavoe many doors to the international audience, beginning from a salsa festival in 2014,in Hammamet , Tunisia, until one of the biggest European festival, the EVENTO PEOPLE, at the end of may, continuing in the same year with the TEMPO LATINO VIC FEZENSAC TOLOSA Festival in FRANCE; it was in this event that Lavoe showed himself in the most important night of his career, in which he presented his first five tracks of his musical album in front of an audience made by 80000 dancers.
1. Cuando Te Encontré
2. Me Hace Daño
3. Full Mambo
4. My Way
5. Dime Que Eres Mio
6. Goza el Tumbao
7. Guaguancó en Mi Coche
8. Ricky`s Mambo
9. Tiempo Pequeño
10. The Goodfather Mambo
11. Alafia Bogaloo