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Pachanga Con Puente + Vaya Puente - Tito Puente

Titel : Pachanga Con Puente + Vaya Puente

Artiest(en) : Tito Puente

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Malanga

€ 9,99


First CD release for two compete albums, long overdue for reissue, by Tito Puente, the King of Latin Jazz, recorded in 1961/62 during his most creative period, using one of the best formations of his orchestra. Both LPs were recorded at New York`s Hotel Riverside Plaza ballroom where the wooden stage provided a natural acoustic boost for the rhythm section. 65 minutes playing time.
1. A Bailar Pachanga
2. Un Telegrama
3. Piano Pachanga
4. Ven Nenita
5. Pachanga Beat
6. El Chivo
7. Pachanga Si, Charanga No
8. El Pañuelo
9. La Charanga
10. Pachanga Mood
11. Caramelos
12. El Guiro de Macorina
13. Vaya Puente [Mambo]
14. Ya Tengo un Pollo [Cha-Cha-Cha]
15. Cuidate [Guaracha]
16. Solange [Bolero]
17. Yimbaraco
18. Timbalero [Guaguanco]
19. Agua-Nile [Bembe]
20. Azukiki [Cha-Cha-Cha]
21. Sambaroco
22. Maina [Guaguanco]
23. Chino [Mambo]
24. Mambo Gil
This release contains two albums by the great Tito Puente, El Rey Bravo (Tico SLP1086), which appears here on CD for the first time ever, and Tambó (RCA Victor LPM-2257). The former contains Puente’s Puente’s earliest and classic recording of the perennial “Oye cómo va”, which would later be popularized by Carlos Santana.


TITO PUENTE & His Orchestra
[1-11] El Rey Bravo (For the first time ever on CD) 4 1/2 stars All Music Guide
Tito Puente (timbales & leader), Gilberto López (p), Bobby Rodríguez (b),
José “Buyú” Mengual Sr. (bongos), Juan “Papi” Cadavieco (congas),
Barry Rogers (tb), Félix “Pupi” Legarreta (violin), Johnny Pacheco (fl),
Jimmy Frisaura, Pedro “Puchi” Boulong, Pat Russo (tp), Shep Pullman (bar),
Rafael “Tata” Palau, Jesús Caunedo, Al Abreu (ts), Pete Fanelli (as),
Santos Colón, Rudy Calzado (lead vocals & chorus),
Gabriel “Yayo el Indio” Vega, Rafael “Chirivico” Dávila,
Tito Puente (chorus).
Hotel Riverside Plaza Ballroom, New York, 1962. Original sessions produced by Teddy Reig.

[12-23] Tambó
Collective personnel:
Tito Puente (timbales, marimbas, arranger & leader)
Doc Severinsen, Bernie Glow, Ernie Royal, Pedro “Puchi” Boulong, Jimmy Frisaura & Pat Russo (tp),
Seymour Berger (tb), Alberto Socarras (fl), Rafael Palau (fl & ts), Peter Fanelli (fl & as),
Shepp Pullman (bar), Gilberto López (p), Bobby Rodríguez (b),
José “Buyú” Mengual Sr. & Chickie Pérez (bongos),
Carlos “Patato” Valdez & Ray Barretto (conga drums), Santos Colón (güiro).
RCA Victor’s Webster Hall Studios, New York, April 19-21, 1960.
Original sessions produced by Marty Gold.