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Pa Mi Gente - Charlie Aponte

Titel : Pa Mi Gente

Artiest(en) : Charlie Aponte

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2017

Label : Charlie Aponte

€ 16,90


PA MI GENTE is het tweede solo album van ex-Gran Combo zanger (1973-2014) Charlie Aponte, in eigen beheer uitgebracht op eigen label, met deze keer geen Sergio George achter de knoppen. maar Sammy Garcia als producer
1. Pa Mi Gente
2. No Se Le Presta El Alma
3. Nadie Te Quita Lo Bailao
4. Prohibido Olvidar
5. Besos de Azúcar, Lágrimas de Sal"
6. La Salsa se Hizo Pa` Bailar
7. No Te Me Acomodes
8. Se Aprende
9. Mi Niña, Mi Flor
10. Ríes
11. Aires Navideños
Charlie Aponte is one of the most beloved and remembered voices in the Salsa genre. Following up on the massive success of his previous album, he returns to his trademark of international Salsa, with his new proposal, Pa Mi Gente. His previous album:"Una Nueva Historia" included the smash hit, “Para Festejar", which spent 10 consecutive weeks in the Top Ten position of the Billboard charts. Charlie was a key part of the world renowned group, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico for over 40 years, and then decided to start a solo career. He is well known for his special live performances, his vocal ability as a “sonero” on such hits as "Brujería", "Amor Brutal", "La Loma del Tamarindo", "Compañera Mía", “No hay cama pa’ tanta Gente", " Hojas Blancas" among many others. Pa Mi Gente includes several of the best and most celebrated composers and arrangers in the Salsa genre. The album will be released after the success of the first single: Nadie Te Quita Lo Bailao and the recent release of the second track. As the name of the album indicates, Pa Mi Gente is a danceable track composed by the 2 time Grammy Nominee, Juan Jose Hernandez and Michael Stuart and arranged by Ramon Sanchez. No doubt that this is will be a hit single throughout the Salsa world. This is an album and artist not to be missed….