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On Another Path - Willy Torres

Titel : On Another Path

Artiest(en) : Willy Torres

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 02-2018

Label : Abanico

€ 13,90


The Willy Torres Orchestra: On Another Path, 2018 album on Abanico Records
Willy Torres has released a new album entitled The Willy Torres Orchestra On Another Path, his third release as a soloist, and a follow-up to his previous albums, Hardcore (2011) and What I Bring (2008). Recorded in New Jersey and released on the Italian label Abanico Records, the album contains fourteen tracks, eight composed by Torres, and six covers, which Torres helped arrange along with Joe Mannozzi, Efrain Davila, Arturo Ortiz, Yeisson Villamar, Marcos Torres, Mike Rivera, Albert Sanchez and Nelson Negron. On this project Torres is the percussionist, vocalist, composer, arranger and musical director.
The album opens with "Guaracha y Bembe," a composition by Cheo Feliciano. The track is given a rich arrangement, with excellent horn parts and a relaxed feel. Torres` vocals are strong, and he conveys his passion for the song. The band sings backgrounds during the montuno, as Torres ad libs over the top. Jorge Castro`s baritone saxophone part is brilliant, as all the horns play with crisp hits and in tune voicings.
On "Tu Tu Ta Ta / Azucar / Adoración / Muñeca" the Eddie Palmieri medley, Torres is joined by trombonist Doug Beavers, percussionist Anthony Carrillo and percussionist Orlando Vega. The band is on fire on this one! The horn arrangements are top-notch. The band flows through multiple feel changes and Torres` vocals are rich and right in line with the Palmieri sound. This track highlights the band`s ability just as much as Torres` fine singing.
On Another Path is a welcomed collection of tunes, playing and singing with elements of both traditional Salsa and Latin pop beats, which create a seductive sound. Torres` smooth tenor and infectious spirit is heartfelt throughout the recording. An album that offers dance-ability and prodigious playing is the cornerstone of success for this engaging album.
1. Guaracha Y Bembe (4:57)
2. Los Soneros Nunca Mueren (4:43)
3. Caña Quema (4:38)
4. El Pueblo Es El Que Manda (5:00)
5. Eddie Palmieri Medley (6:48)
6. Amor En Navidad (3:10)
7. Sonora Ponceña Medley (6:13)
8. Juego De Imaginacion (4:53)
9. Porque Mi Pueblo Es Primero (4:43)
10. Quisiera Decirte (4:10)
11 El Pio Pio (4:10)
12. Rumba Pa` Los Muertos (2:53)
13. Hasta Luego Viejo Amigo (4:46)
14. Quisiera Decirte (Ballad Version) (4:29)