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Necesito Un Bolero - Gilberto Santa Rosa

Titel : Necesito Un Bolero

Artiest(en) : Gilberto Santa Rosa

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 01-2015

Label : Sony

€ 17,90


NECESITO UN BOLERO is het 2015 album met 3 salsa nummers van salsa zanger Gilberto Santa Rosa, launched his 25th recording titled “Necesito un Bolero”. This 14-song album is mostly a “Bolero” album, with 3 of the songs being Salsa tunes. The production mastery of the charismatic 52 years-old Gilberto Santa Rosa in “Necesito un Bolero” should not go unnoticed. The Salsa star added a plentiful 14 unique songs to the album, without any re-mixes or different versions of the same song. Not many artists are so generous in providing this amount of musical volume in their albums. The key here is that this opens the opportunity to provide variety to the album, and Gilberto masterly makes the best of this opportunity.
Although the “bolero” is at center stage in “Necesito un Bolero”, Gilberto Santa Rosa did not forget his Salsa fans. The former Willie Rosario front man included 3 Salsa tunes to please his fans. My favorite of the 3 is “Titere”, a very catchy and danceable Salsa. The Salsa song “Semana” resembles the lyrical style of Gilberto’s previous hit “Conteo Regresivo”, this time using the days of the week instead of numbers. “Este Amor” is the 3rd Salsa in the album, all good tunes.(review by Latino Music Cafe)
1. Por Como Van las Cosas (feat. Marco Antonio Solis)
2. Necesito un Bolero
3. Tequila y Canción (feat. Eugenia León)
4. Ni Bien Ni Mal
5. Como Nunca Nadie
6. No Olvides Recordarme
7. Si Te Has Enamorado
8. A Dónde Vamos a Parar (feat. Natalia LaFourcade)
9. Para Dar Contigo
10. La Primera Vez
11. Apaga la Luz (feat. Lena)
12. Títere
13. Semana
14. Este Amor