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My Beatles Heart - Willy Chirino

Titel : My Beatles Heart

Artiest(en) : Willy Chirino

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Sony

€ 19,90


Ambitieus en geslaagd project van Willy Chirino om nummers van de Beatles in salsa te arrangeren en spelen. Voor velen is dit album nog beter dan RMM`s Tropical Tribute to the Beatles
1. All You Need Is Love (3:40)
2. Yellow Submarine (4:58)
3. Drive My Car (2:48)
4. Blackbird (4:13)
5. Because (2:29)
6. Come Together (4:13)
7. Across The Universe (4:56)
8. Helter Skelter (5:36)
9. I`ve Just Seen a Face (3:36)
10. Obladi Oblada (3:44)
11. I`ll Follow the Sun/Here Comes the Sun (5:10)
12. Get Back/The End (4:09)
"This CD is a masterpiece! Only Willy Chirino can mix Beatles music with latin flavor without losing its original essence. "Because" is a mix with La Comparsa (Ernesto Lecuona) and his daughters voices are so perfect, that it is very hard to believe that it is not The Beatles singing the song. I can`t describe it, its magnificent! Another favorites are Yellow Submarine and Black Bird. The latin flavor makes it impossible not to get up and start dancing! Willy, I am so proud of you, and honored that you were born in Cuba. Nobody beats you, and I must say that the Beatles wherever they are, are proud of your masterpiece and dancing away, the Cuban way!"
Cuban music is not merely important, but a fundamental music of the western hemisphere. This profound influence, that has affected so many aspects of popular music in America, is usually unrecognized or taken for granted. With "My Beatles Heart" Willy Chirino has taken us full circle with his own magical mystery tour, perhaps unknowingly, through time, continents and follows the path Cuban music has taken. He begins from Old Havana, with echoes of Ernesto Lecuona`s "La Comparsa" to the new port city of early Louisiana, pausing briefly to dance a little Danzón, so popular in this city before there was such a thing as jazz. Then he continues up the Mississippi to Memphis, over land to Chicago and New York with the syncopated ragtime piano riffs of the turn of the twentieth century and later to the foot-stomping swing of the 40s and 50s big bands; crossing the Atlantic ocean and arriving at Liver Pool, England where he amplifies and lifts to the surface the underlying rhythms that are so much a part of the plethora that is Beatles` music, all the time with his clave in hand, Willy Chirino never deviates from "the musical thing" and sabor (flavor) of his native country while exposing the music of the Beatles to a light that is both old and new - A Timeless Masterpiece! (review by Ed Castaneda, HavanaNewYork.com)