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Mi Rumba - Croma Latina

Titel : Mi Rumba

Artiest(en) : Croma Latina

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Latin Europe

€ 13,90


MI RUMBA is de tweede CD uit 2009 van de uit Italië afkomstige CROMA LATINA met wederom, lekker in het gehoor liggende, moderne, dansbare salsa tracks. Nummers worden afwisselend gezongen door zanger Maximo en zangeres Rita + gasten Luisito Rosario, El Nino Jesus en Ciclon Cubano. Verfrissend!
The first track is "Vuelve A Mi", a salsa which starts off as romantic pop but which slowly becomes more incessant, with an increasingly strong rhythm, involving the listener and even more importantly the bailadores. This song was written by Maxino, the group`s vocalist. Next, Croma Latina presents "En El Aire / Aire" a medley containing one of Marcella Bella`s hits, which is reproposed in a salsa version, skilfully interpreted by Rita, the group`s female singer. The third track contains "Mi Rumba", a song written by another great singer and friend of Croma Latina, Joaquin Martinez Suarez. This is followed by "Que Bueno" a salsa which in the first beats is inspired by a reggeaton rhythm but which contains a definitely romantic melody interpreted by Rita`s extraordinary voice featuring the great Rey El Vikingo, Que Bueno was written by a very close friend of Croma Latina Ricardo Franco, a highly esteemed musician and singer living in Canada. Next comes a surprise of outstanding artistic skill, a remake of the historic "Ran Kan Kan" written by the famous master Tito Puente, which Croma Latina wanted to repropose in the style which they are known for. This version includes the contribution of the extraordinary Jesus Alejandro "El Nino" backed by the expert Rey El Vikingo. The following song "Corazon Partio" is dedicated to all nostalgic souls composed in 1997 by Alejandro Sanz, again in this case Croma Latina has managed to maintain all of the magic, creating a version great for dancing. The incredible interpretation of lead singer Rita is skilfully flanked by one of the most important voices currently on the Italian Latin scene "boricua Luisito Rosario". Another song with guaranteed style is "Pal Monte" performed with great emphasis by Joaquin Martinez Suarez.
"Te Vi Llorar" is the result of another great joint effort, a decisively winning combination between Croma Latina and the acclaimed king of reggeaton, the Puerto Rican Hector "El Father", who is also the songwriter. This very balanced fusion of styles has skilfully given life to a particular sound that unites salsa, reggaeton and urban rap in a winning blend, which is a strong trend on the Latin music scene in Europe. The disk ends with "Sintonia Total", a work written by four famous figures, Flores, Planas, Olmi and Catalini, present not just as writers but also as an integral part of the entire Croma Latina project. Thanks to this creative combination, the Band proposes a decidedly Cuban style salsa, which can be defined as a Timba, and boasts the contribution of some of the best Latin and Italian performers as well as international artists such as Miguel Enriquez, Ciclon Cubano, N`Taya and El Rubio Loco.
1. Vuelve A Mi
2. Medley: En El Aire/Aire
3. Mi Rumba
4. Que Bueno
5. Ran Kan Kan (feat. Alejandro Jesus "El Nino")
6. Corazon Partio (feat. Luisito Rosario)
7. Pal Monte
8. Por Ella
9. Te Vi Llorar
10. Sintonia Total
Bonus Video
- Vuelve A Mi
- Medley: En El Aire
- Mami