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Mended - Marc Anthony

Titel : Mended

Artiest(en) : Marc Anthony

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2002

Label : Sony

€ 9,90


"Mended" is Marc`s zesde studio album en z`n 2e Engelstalige latin-pop album. Release 2002.
More of Marc`s trademark blend of pop, R&B and Latin music. Romantic Spanish guitars intersect with contemporary-sounding programmed drums to frame his sensual, yearning vocal style. There are occasional stylistic detours; the pizzicato string samples on "Give Me a Reason" add a bit of a hip-hop flavor, and "I`ve Got You" is vaguely suggestive of some Latinate amalgam of George Michael`s "Faith" and Bad Company`s "Feel Like Makin` Love" (seriously). But the romantic ballad remains Marc Anthony`s stock in trade, and it`s a stock with an excellent future.
1. Love Won`t Get Any Better
2. She Mends Me
3. I`ve Got You
4. I Need You
5. Tragedy
6. I Reach for You
7. I Swear
8. Don`t Tell Me It`s Love
9. Do You Believe in Loneliness
10. Give Me a Reason
11. I Wanna Be Free
12. Everything You Do
13. Te tengo aquí