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Me Llamaré Tuyo - Victor Manuelle

Titel : Me Llamaré Tuyo

Artiest(en) : Victor Manuelle

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2013

Label : Sony

€ 18,90


2013 album van salsa ster Victor Manuelle, hier in de deluxe (reloaded) versie met 4 bonus tracks.
Me Llamaré Tuyo is Victor Manuelle`s 15th album. As one of the premier tropical salsa romantica singers, he has kept his ear to the ground for emerging styles and trends, and the strengths of younger composers -- all of which play a part in this recording. Co-produced by the artist with Efrain "Junito" Davila, this ten-track collection contains a real salsa burner in the title track single. But there are very modern touches as well, such as the electronic loops and backbeats in "Mi Salsa Le Gustó" woven through organic percussion and horns; the smooth ballad "No Vuelvo," with an Auto-Tuned appearance from Ken Y, and the midtempo "Panteon de Amor," with its layered backing vocals and synth backdrops. The Special Edition features four bonus tracks, including a fine duet appearance by Pedro Campo on "Panteon de Amor."
1. Ando Por Las Nubes
2. Como Antes
3. Amo
4. Mi Salsa Le Gusto
5. No Soy de Piedra
6. Chiquitita
7. Para Quererte
8. No Vuelvo (feat. Ken Y)
9. Me Llamaré Tuyo
10. Como Te Va
11. Panteon De Amor (feat. Pedro Capo)
12. Tiempo Al Tiempo
13. Lo Que Sea
14. Una Vez Más (feat. Reik)