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Machete - La Excelencia

Titel : Machete

Artiest(en) : La Excelencia

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 03-2020

Label : Cali York

€ 19,99


La Excelencia 2020 release "Machete" under direccion Julian Silva.
1. Echa Pa` Lante (3:38)
2. Asi Es El Amor (4:27)
3. Guerra/La Verdad (5:01)
4. Pum Ta Pum (4:32)
5. Machete (8:34)
6. Salsa Na` Ma (5:15)
7. Ochun Y Chango (6:32)
On Machete, this 11-piece “salsa group with street cred” (The New York Times) demonstrates why they are considered ambassadors of the salsa dura genre. Staying true to their philosophy of recording and releasing original and socially relevant music, Machete, features 7 hard hitting original tracks that are sure to bring both old and new fans back to the dance floor.
Since their inception 14yrs ago, La Excelencia, under the direction of percussionist, composer/arranger Julian Silva, has showcased a dynamic energy and powerful sound that has solidified their place as one of salsa’s most sought after bands. Their unforgettable live performances have sold out venues across the United States, Europe, and Latin America.
Along with powerful vocals by Gilberto Velazquez, Machete features the talent of longtime members Julian Silva (Timbales), Willy Rodriguez (Piano), Ronald Renaissance (Trombone), Jonathan Powell (Trumpet), Mike Engstrom (Trombone), Luis Orona (Bass), Nestor Villar (Bongo) and two new members, Jonathan Gomez (Congas) and Keefe Martin (Trumpet).
Produced by Julian Silva, recorded and co-produced by Kamilo Kratc, and mixed by seasoned producer/engineer, Charles Dos Santos, Machete builds upon the salsa dura legacy of La Excelencia’s previous three albums. This new release represents a continuation of La Excelencia at its finest.