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Luna - Doug Beavers

Titel : Luna

Artiest(en) : Doug Beavers

Genre : Salsa, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 06-2023

Label : Circle9

€ 19,99


GRAMMY® award-winning producer, composer, trombonist and arranger Doug Beavers sixth leader recording is Luna. Esteemed “master of transformative artistry” (Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Net), Beavers is known widely as a leading trombonist of his time, as well as a member of the multi-GRAMMY® award-winning ensemble Spanish Harlem Orchestra. His critically- received 2020 predecessor Sol explored a dozen original compositions which blended salsa with styles of Afro-Latin, R&B and Soul. Luna continues an expedition across a terrain of similar rhythmic styles, this time infused predominantly with Latin Jazz.

In that regard, Luna is both a sonic counterbalance to Sol as well as a conceptual one—Luna, the moon, is the celestial opposite to the sun. In 2021, Chamber Music America commissioned the Luna Suite, the first half of the record, through a New Jazz Works grant funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Beavers composed the suite while taking a residency in Sitges, Spain along the Mediterranean Sea. At once sensitive, adventurous, soulful and meditative, Luna culminates the vast inner workings of a master composer of boundless sensibility and epic ambition.
1. Luna (Intro) (0:33)
2. Tidal (6:32)
3. Reflejo del Sol (6:49)
4. Las Piedras (7:00)
5. Multicolores (feat. Jeremy Bosch) (6:08)
6. Luna (feat. Carlos Cascante) (5:11)
7. Sea (feat. Joe Locke, Paul Bollenback) (6:18)
8. Interlude (0:50)
9. Flor de Lis (feat. Conrad Herwig, Francisco Torres, Max Seigel) (6:28)
10. Intro to `Sands of Time` (0:55)
11. Sands of Time (feat. Joe Locke, Ada Dyer) (7:31)

‘Luna Suite’ Personnel tracks 1-6
Doug Beavers, trombone | Jeremy Bosch, flute & vocal (5) |
Ivan Renta, tenor and soprano saxophones | Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz, trumpet & flugelhorn | Max Seigel, bass trombone | Gabriel Chakarji, piano & fender rhodes (4) | Jerry Madera, bass | Luisito Quintero, congas, timbales, percussion | Camilo Molina, drums, bongos
with Carlos Cascante, lead vocal (6) | Anthony Almonte, coros (5)

Personnel tracks 7-11
Doug Beavers, trombone | Conrad Herwig, trombone (9) | Francisco Torres, trombone (9) | Max Seigel, bass trombone (9, 10) & tuba (10) | Eric C. Davis, french horns (10) | Dave Riekenburg, clarinets & bass clarinets (8) | Joe Locke, vibraphone | Paul Bollenback, guitars | Gabriel Chakarji, piano & fender rhodes
| Luques Curtis, acoustic bass | Robby Ameen, drums | Luisito Quintero, congas, timbales, percussion | George Delgado, itótele, shekere (4, 11) | Camilo Molina, okónkolo, iyá (11) | Jeremy Bosch, vocal (11) | Ada Dyer, vocal (11)

Vinyl expected for november 2023