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Llegó Vibrasón! - Vibrason

Titel : Llegó Vibrasón!

Artiest(en) : Vibrason

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2019

Label : Vibrason

€ 17,90


Cal Tjader/Joe Cuba style salsa uit California, 2019 release
1. Llegó VibraSÓN! (3:39)
2. Riete (4:10)
3. No Te Me Escondas (4:55)
4. Lonely is the Night (5:20)
5. Englishman in New York (5:08)
6. Latin Vibe Tuesdays (5:44)
7. Freeway (5:15)
8. Fragile (5:01)
9. Lonely is the Night Bolero (3:42)
10. Latin Vibe Tuesdays (Jake) (5:44)
Luis Morales: lead vocals
Marco Diaz: piano/keyboards, vocals
Charlie Barreda: vibraphone
Saul Sierra: bass
Christian Pepin: timbale, conga, vocals
Julio Perez: conga
Jake Jacobs: bongo/campana, vocals
Carlos Caro: conga, guiro
The professional team behind the Llegó VibraSÓN! production includes veteran producer Greg Landau, multi Grammy-nominated, and who produced Latin music recordings by the legendary Ritmo y Candela, Patato Valdes, Changuito, and Orestes Vilato, and worked with Amadito Valdes and the Afro Cuban All-Stars, Los Terry, and Susana Baca. Studio Recordings were engineered by Oscar Autie and Greg Landau. Mastering was completed in Los Angeles by John Greenham, currently a star in the music business. Photographs for the artwork were taken by Ricardo Tellez at the band`s weekly Latin Vibe Tuesdays event at Bar Fluxus in San Francisco.