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Live in France Dax Toros Y Salsa - Venezuelan Masters

Titel : Live in France Dax Toros Y Salsa

Artiest(en) : Venezuelan Masters

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Discomoda

€ 15,00


Venezuelan Masters Orchestra o.l.v. Gerardo Rosales is een soort hedendaagse versie van Fania All Stars, maar dan uit Venezuela. In 2008 gaven zij een geweldig concert op het "Toros Y Salsa" festival in Dax, Frankrijk, waarvan hier, een ruim 71 minuten durende weergave. Technisch perfect en muzikaal vakmanschap met als gasten o.a. zanger Johnny Sedes, percussionisten Robert & Rafael Quintero, Ralph Irizarry en Jeremy de Jesús.
It was only a matter of time for Venezuela to join the ranks of forming a super all stars group like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia and others. And the results are to be expected, smoking and more importantly: live!
Nelson Arrieta kills "Cómo Camina" with his vocal style as if he`s running out of breath. Marcial Istruiz from Bailatino never disappoints with his inventive improvisations. Cheo Valenzuela gives an impassioned rendition on the classic "Se necesita un rumbero", making this cut one of the highlights as he improvises to the crowd about the rain that`s coming down on them (we need a DVD of this).
But while the singers do their thing, the musicians are right there providing some serious swing, from conguero Gerardo Rosales to special guest Ralph Irrizary, this recording is hot like soup.
Fiery releases like this cement the notion that the best hardcore (salsa dura) is coming from Venezuela. (by Salsapower)
1. Esta Que Arde
2. Como Camina
3. Despertar En Venezuela
4. Dile Que Venga
5. El Pachangon
6. La Voz De La Rumba
7. Mama Calunga
8. Se Necesita Rumbero
9. Quien La Tumbo
Gerardo Rosales presenta documental sobre el concierto de Venezuelan Masters Orchestra en Toros y Salsa 2008
Nelson Arrieta: vocal
Mauricio Silva: vocal & Trombon
Cheo Valenzuela: vocal
Marcial Isturiz: vocal
Alfredo Padilla: timbal
Joaquin Arteaga: bongo
Lorenzo Barriendos:bass
Thomas Bottcher:piano
Michael Simon:trompet
Charlie Bigs:trompet
Nicole de Zabala:trombone
Jose Centeno:trombone
Gerardo Rosales: leader & congas