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Live - Ruben Blades

Titel : Live

Artiest(en) : Ruben Blades

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1989

Label : Warner

€ 16,90


Rubén Blades y Son del Solar Live!
Classic live recording from 1989 from Ruben Blades (de Panama) y Son del Solar, with Oscar Hernandez (piano), Ralph Irizarry (timbales), Eddy Montalvo + Marc Quinones (congas) and Papo Vasquez (trombone). A dynamic performance, recorded in New York, with Son del Solar, one of the best bands of that period. A very lively recording for almost 75 minutes!. One of Blades best recordings of his career and one of the best salsa live albums of all-time.