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Let`s Dance The Mambo - Rene Bloch

Titel : Let`s Dance The Mambo

Artiest(en) : Rene Bloch

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 06-2016

Label : Blue Moon

€ 18,90


LET`S DANCE THE MAMBI is een long-play CD van bandleider Rene Bloch met werk uit begin jaren 60.
René Bloch was one one of the most celebrated Latin bandleaders in the early 60s in the Los Angeles scene and with an excellent background for this type of music. An alumnus of the Perez Prado band, he toured the world playing Latin music while deciding how he wanted his own band to sound. Yet this group has a fresh, exciting sound all its own.
1. Blue Skies
2. You and the Night and the Music
3. Mambo a la Count
4. Let’s Face the Music and Dance
5. After You’ve Gone
6. Get Happy
7. Pop! Goes the Weasel Mambo
8. Carioca
9. Cheek to Cheek
10. Little Brown Jug Mambo
11. Mambo Chicano
12. Take the “A” Train
13. Watusi
14. Chaplains Tusi
15. Ooba Doucha
16. José
17. The Jerky Turkey
18. Cha Cha a la Mode
19. Palomilla 1
20. Feitico Da Villa
21. Tumba la caña Jibarito
22. Oye mi pregón
23. Mr. Latin’s Mambo
24. Baila Cha Cha
25. Mambo Watusi
26. Encanto
27. Soy un caramelero
TRACKS [1-12] LET’S DANCE THE MAMBO! (from the Capitol album “Let`s Dance the Mambo” (ST-1455)
Donald Dennis, Johnny Audino, Weldon Morgan, Louie Valizan, Paul López (tp)
Dave Wells (tb); René Bloch, Rudy Fischer (as); Anthony Ortega, Jack Montrose (ts); Dick Houlgate (bs, fl); Alan Chaplin (p); Al McKibbon (b)
Mongo Santamantaría, Willie Bobo, Modesto Duran, Jack Navarra (perc).
Recorded at Capitol Towers Studios, June 16 & 17, 1960
Don Ellis, Marvin Brown, John Audino, Tom Scott, trumpets; René Bloch (as);
Rolando Lozano (f, as); Nash Maez (ts); Bill Robinson (bs); Alan Chaplin (p)
Pat Rodríguez, Chino Pozo, Humberto Cané, Chino Valdés (perc); Rudy Calzado (voc)
Recorded at American Studios, North Hollywood, 1962
[23-27] BONUS TRACKS from the album MR. LATIN (ATCO 33-147):
Marvin Brown, Don Dennis, Louis Valizan, Paul Lopez, Tom Scott (tp);
René Bloch (as); Augie Alcaraz, Nash Maez (ts); Bill Robinson (bs); Tommy Tedesco (g);
Alan Chaplin (p); Frank Vasquez (b); Pat Rodriguez, Luis Miranda, Chino Pozo (perc)
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, September 1962.
24 Bit Digitally remastered