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Latin Song Bird - India

Titel : Latin Song Bird

Artiest(en) : India

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2002

Label : Sony

€ 15,90


"Latin Song Bird: Mi Alma Y Corazon" uit 2002 is wederom een staaltje salsa zang van d ebovenste plank van La India. Drie nummers horen we hier in zowel salsa (tropical) als pop-balada versies. This album warms slowly, and it takes a few tracks before arriving at the searing heat that has made India the star that she is, but arrive it does. While Mi Alma y Corazón resides happily within the borders of salsa with straight-ahead tunes like "Soy Mujer" and "Razones Tengo," India is not embarrassed to pay a visit to Latin-flavored R&B with, among other tracks, "El Hombre Perfecto," a soaring and stirring melody, no matter the style. Though India herself is a delight to the ears, the arrangements often do not do her justice. "Sedúceme" appears twice on the record (as does almost half the material), the first time in a string-filled sensual salsa, a less than strong opener for this overall quite strong album. Especially evident in the keyboard-soaked intros and overly emotive balladry is that the production got away with itself in places. The strength of India herself more than makes up for any other inconsistencies. Neither the dedicated fan nor the first-timer will be disappointed with this record. India displays the improvisation and burning vocal quality that has made her this generation`s heiress to Celia Cruz`s throne.
1. Sedúceme (tropical)
2. Traición (tropical)
3. El Anillo (bolero-son)
4. El Hombre Perfecto (bachata-balada)
5. Soy Mujer
6. La Gran Tirana (bolero-son)
7. Que Me Importa
8. Sedúceme (pop-balada)
9. Ensenáme a Olvidar (balada)
10. El Hombre Perfecto (merengue version)
11. Razones Tengo
12. Confiando en Ti (balada)
13. Traición (pop-balada)
14. Navidad Sin Verte (bolero)