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Lado A Lado B - Victor Manuelle

Titel : Lado A Lado B

Artiest(en) : Victor Manuelle

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 03-2022

Label : Sony

€ 19,99


2022 (!) VICTOR MANUELLE 17-track CD (1 hour+10 min) met een mix van moderne (lado A) en klassieke salsa (lado B)
Renowned Salsa singer and composer Víctor Manuelle has just released his new album Lado A Lado B, in which he aims to please his diverse audiences. He dedicates a “side”, “Lado A”, to the modern sounds with which he has maintained musical and commercial relevance and on the other “side”, “Lado B”, he honors the traditional salsero with those heavy, “salsa gorda” rhythms. Lado A Lado B is his twentieth studio album under the Sony Music Latin label.
In this production, “Lado A” is devoted to very modern sounds, with collaborations from the urban side that captures the attention of the new generation. “Side B,” on the other hand, contains traditional sounds and elements, recorded on two-inch tape, which includes analog sounds, live musicians, a grand piano and all the instrumental styles of the 70s and 80s, when salsa became popular.
1. Interlude Lado A
2. Vamo` a Ver Si el Gas Pela (feat. Miky Woodz & Marvin Santiago)
3. Devuélveme un Te Amo
4. Decidí Tener Pantalones
5. Esta Noche Te Conviene
6. Besito Suave (feat. Farina)
7. No La Culpes
8. Llévame Suave
9. Víctimas las Dos (duet con La India)
10. Interlude Lado B
11. La Disputa
12. La Vida De Un Artista
13. Vete y Pregona
14. Si Es Cuestión De Imaginar
15. Rumba De Esquina
16. La Reunión
17. Amaneció En El Barrio