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La Vuelta del Mundo - Alexander Abreu Havana de Primera

Titel : La Vuelta del Mundo

Artiest(en) : Alexander Abreu Havana de Primera

Genre : Salsa, Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2015

Label : Pafata

€ 19,90


ALEXANDER ABREU HAVANA D`PRIMERA - La Vuelta al Mundo. 2015 release van Cuba`s hotste groep van de laatste paar jaar. Met Cuba`s nieuwe "volkslied" "Me Dicen Cuba". Ook deze derde HdPrimera release wordt weer terecht bedolven onder de lovende recensies. Havana de Primera`s eerste 2 albums zijn ook leverbaar
1. La Vuelta al Mundo (5:14)
2. Regalito de Dios (4:46)
3. El Juego de la Vida (5:46)
4. Me Dicen Cuba (5:42)
5. Venenosa (4:07)
6. Trece (5:21)
7. Dime por Qué (5:19)
8. El Palo Más Duro (4:48)
9. La Mitad (3:44)
10. La Peligrosa (5:53)
11. Después de Mil Lunas (3:05)
12. Conga Pá Cerrar (5:33)

On their third release, Alexander and company decided to go with the less-is-more in terms of production (their previous release Pasaporte was a bit over-produced) and in the process created a hard hitting Timba classic that`s only rivaled by their first recording, Haciendo historia.
The title track is a light dance salsa track, that fits perfectly with special guest "the Prince of salsa", Luis Enrique. They go back and forth reafirming Cuba`s musical influence all over Latin America. "Regalito de Dios" has that smooth D`Primera signature sound with Mr. Abreu`s soulful voice making this another standout.
Usually a recording has one song that`s considered a classic but when it has has two? Then you know you are listening to something special. "El palo mas duro" (a tune that was played throughout Cuba a few years ago as a demo with Alexander Abreu on vocals), has the privilege of having Mayito Rivera as a duet and as expected, this one is fire.
Their vocals stylings, while very different, compliment each other as each evokes his devotion to the Orishas. No matter what religion you practice, this will make you feel the Holy Spirit guapería style. Then there`s "Me dicen Cuba" - an in-your-face anthem, that takes its rightful place alongside Palmieri`s "Puerto Rico" and Ruben`s "Patria". You will die and resurrect every time you hear this track! (review by Salsapower)