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La Voz del Pueblo - Edwin Perez

Titel : La Voz del Pueblo

Artiest(en) : Edwin Perez

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2017

Label : Homerun Music

€ 17,90


Het debuut solo album van Excelencia + Orq SCC zanger EDWIN PEREZ.
After more than a decade of being the lead singer for Orquesta La Excelencia and Orquesta SCC, Edwin Perez delivers his first solo album, La Voz Del Pueblo. Ten original tunes in the Salsa Dura style that characterized his music throughout his salsa career. Think about a cross between the socially conscious lyrics of Ruben Blades and the hardcore sounds of Eddie Palmieri, or Ray Barretto with strong lyrical delivery much in the style of a Gilberto Santa Rosa or Ruben Blades. All tunes were arranged by Maestro Jorge Bringas whom also recorded the bass and directed the musician`s sessions.
This CD has the type of salsa music you want to get up and start dancing to right away but in a few seconds of dancing, you realize you also want to sit down and listen to the lyrics and the stories in them. A salsa-lover`s oasis of flavorful high quality musicianship tunes, with the collaboration of salsa greats such as Gilberto "Pulpo" Colon Jr.on piano (former Hector Lavoe`s musical director), Luisito Quintero on all percussion (Oscar D`Leon, Spanish Harlem and many others), Jorge Bringas on bass ( Albita, Omara Portuondo, La Excelencia), Rey David Alejandre on trombones, piano and clave (Willie Colon, Richard Bona), Jonathan Powell on trumpets (Eddie Palmieri, La Excelencia), and Angel Rios/Ruben Milano on backup vocals.
1. Por Mis Venas Corre Salsa (4:42)
2. Sonido Original (4:34)
3. Dejarla Ir (5:43)
4. Esa Nena (4:04)
5. La Voz del Pueblo (4:50)
6. Don Dinero (4:03)
7. Primero Que Tu (4:28)
8. Lo Que Le Pasó a Miguel (4:52)
9. Mi Viejo (4:54)
10. Llegué Yo (4:12)